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How to close your account?
How to close your account?
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At Raseed Invest, we strive to make your investment journey smooth and efficient. However, we understand that there may come a time when you need to close your account. To ensure a hassle-free process, we've outlined the necessary steps to close your account with us.

Step 1: Check for Remaining Funds

Ensure your Raseed Invest account has no remaining funds. Withdraw or transfer any existing balances and close every position you have.

Step 2: Access Your Account

Open the Raseed Invest app and log in.

Step 3: Navigate to Account Settings

Go to the 'Settings' menu within the app.

Step 4: Close Your Account

Select the 'Delete Account' option in settings.

Confirm Your Decision

Follow prompts to confirm the closure.

Need Help?

Contact our support team for any assistance.

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