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How do I fund my account?
How do I fund my account?
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You can fund your account through direct wire-transfer from your bank. You will need to follow the wire transfer instructions provided in the Raseed app or on the document below.

To fund wire-instructions on Raseed app, please follow the below steps:

Quick step by step guide:

1- Go to your profile section on the Raseed app.

2- Select the “Wallet” section.

3- Click on Bank Details button.

4- In the “Bank Details” section, you will find bank account details to fund your account via a direct wire transfer.

Each user has a unique account number. Please use this information to setup the wire transfer on your bank account.

That's all!

Once the process is initiated from your bank, funds are usually received within 2 business days. Each transaction will be charged a flat fee of $7. For new users, the first three transactions will be free of charge.

You can also use Wise to fund your account.

Wire-instructions for a generic account (please update account number from the app):

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